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The MICHELIN AxioBib 2m32 RC150 prototype, the largest tractor tyre in its range!

30 June, 2014

Premiered last February at the SIMA trade show in Paris – a major event for farm equipment manufacturers – the MICHELIN AxioBib IF 850/75R42 is the largest tractor tyre in the MICHELIN range with a diameter of 2.32 metres and a load capacity of 9.5 tonnes.

In addition to the technological and engineering achievement involved in its design and manufacture, the tyre is aligned with an emerging trend in the world of farming. To meet demand for increased crop output, farming equipment is getting bigger. The prototype version of the tyre is designed for very powerful tractors that deliver 350hp and more. Fitted to the New Holland T9 at the SIMA trade fair, it is the perfect illustration of this winning combination of the future. Other sizes of the tyre are planned in order to expand the range and make Michelin the indispensable partner to high-power equipment manufacturers.

"This prototype tyre reaffirms our commitment to research and development," says Emmanuel Ladent, Director of the Agricultural Product Line. "We're innovating to support farmers and positioned to meet the technological challenges posed by today's very high-power tractors."

The MICHELIN AxioBib 2m32 integrates MICHELIN Ultraflex technology, which makes it possible to carry heavier loads at low pre

ssure (less than 1 bar). This means greater traction without the tyre shifting on the rim as well as less soil compaction. With this innovative new technological development, Michelin is providing a tangible response to farmers' need to increase productivity while protecting the value of their soil.

NZ Michelin distributor TRS Tyre and Wheel Ltd have recently expanded the Michelin offering to include Michelin tyres incorporating Ultraflex technology in sizes common to this market. As well as general agricultural applications, the Michelin Ultraflex technology has also found local success in harvesting and rowcrop applications. One recent example is a Southland grain farmer concerned by the soil compaction his header was causing with conventional technology radial tyres which required an inflation pressure of 35psi to carry the load. “By introducing Michelin Ultraflex tyres we were able to get inflation pressures below 20psi while continuing to meet the required load capacity. This has had the effect of decreasing ground pressure by 40%” said Andrew Gillam, Sales and Marketing manager for TRS. Similar results have also been achieved for large rowcrop growers, particularly potatoes and onions where high load capacity is required on a relatively narrow tyre making soil compaction a key issue.

TRS, in conjunction with Michelin have recently produced a helpful technical publication summarising the cause and effect of soil compaction with useful tips for minimising its profit sapping effects.  Copies are available free of charge from TRS
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