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Continental Presents the new Conti Hybrid range of tyres

30 June, 2014

Continental chose the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham, UK, held earlier this year, to present its newly developed Continental Hybrid tyre range .

Continental chose the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham, UK, held earlier this year, to present its newly developed  Continental Hybrid tyre range . The CV Show is regarded as the biggest and most comprehensive road freight transport and logistics exhibition staged in Britain and an annual shop window for the commercial vehicle operator and maintenance and repair business. Exhibitors supply everything to operate a road freight transport business, from the vehicle itself to the logistics technology to optimise efficiency.

In response to the diversity of the regional transport segment, Continental is introducing a whole tyre family, in 17.5, 19.5, and 22.5 inch formats. The range will address the challenges faced in regional delivery with long tyre life and a high degree of fuel efficiency.

Specially developed for city and regional distribution, at 17.5 inch rim diameter, the Conti Hybrid LS3 for steer axles and the Conti Hybrid LD3 for drive axles, are suitable for light trucks up to a total weight of 12 tonnes.

The new Conti Hybrid HS3 and Conti Hybrid HD3 in 19.5 inch formats for steer and drive axles are designed for vehicles of over 12 tonnes total weight. The new Conti Hybrid tyres allow for the higher unladen weight of modern Euro 6 vehicles and are designed for varying load conditions, as is usual in regional transportation. The steering axle tyre Conti Hybrid HS3 with a tyre dimension of 22.5 inches is breaking new ground for applications in the heavy segment. The Conti Hybrid tyres are scheduled for launch in the European market around the middle of this year.

With the 3rd generation of truck and bus tyres, Continental has also introduced a new terminology. This comprises the name of the corresponding tyre range, so for truck tyres Conti EcoPlus and Conti Hybrid, for bus tyres Conti Coach, Conti CityPlus, and Conti Urban.

With a company history spanning 140 years, the Continental Truck Tyre range is well regarded globally as a premium quality tyre and holds a leading position in the European market. 

Continental Truck Tyres are designed to cater for all heavy transport applications, with the range spanning tyres designed for the urban market with heavy duty sidewalls to resist curbside abrasion through to long distance highway tyres with a design emphasis on lower rolling resistance and improved fuel economy.

Continental recently received not just one but two awards from trade journal “Tire Technology International”. The international expert jury not only named Continental Tire Manufacturer of the Year but also had special praise for the recycling of rubber from end-of-life tires in conjunction with the retreading of truck tires at the ContiLifeCycle plant in Hanover. Both awards were presented at a ceremony held at the Tire Technology Expo fair in Cologne, Germany

Continental Commercial Truck tyres are distributed in NZ by TRS Tyre and Wheel Ltd, a leading distributor of specialty tyres. The New Zealand range has been carefully selected to reflect the local road conditions and diverse terrain. Under TRS distribution, the Continental range available covers drive, steer and trailer positions across all popular sizes including specialist low profile and wide base sizes popular in New Zealand.

Continental Truck tyres are available from leading tyre retailers throughout NZ, for more information contact TRS directly
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