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The ‘must have’ for all Waste transfer stations

12 October, 2014

An innovative product designed to reduce operating costs is increasingly finding acceptance with Waste Transfer Stations throughout New Zealand. Known as Rubber Cutting Edges, they are a simple bolt on addition to any loader bucket.

Using Rubber Cutting Edges dramatically reduces damage to both the loader bucket and the concrete floor, reducing machinery maintenance costs and minimising potentially expensive concrete pit repairs. The current practice of using steel bucket edges on concrete floors carries the risk of sparking, creating a fire hazard which is eliminated with the use of rubber cutting edges.


The reduced noise levels once the rubber edge is fitted is a further benefit, offering improved driver comfort, from both noise and shock absorption.  One happy operator had this to say:  “Our East Tamaki Transfer Station installed a Rubber Cutting Edge on the loader to protect both the cutting edge of the blade and to reduce damage caused by scraping the pit floor at the transfer station. This has proven to be extremely effective by increasing the life of the loader bucket and the floor. We are also impressed at how clean it keeps the area when moving product. Mid year we laid a new concrete pad in the tip and having the Rubber Cutting Edge fitted to the bucket has definitely saved wear and tear and at the same time hugely reduces the noise levels! I have no hesitation to recommend this product to all similar industry groups.” Prem Krishna – East Tamaki Transfer Station Supervisor.


The Rubber Cutting Edge has been engineered using an abrasion and chunk resistant mining rubber compound for lasting performance. The shape, design and premium compound extend the life of the edge. The fastener system uses a patented T-shaped fastener that can accommodate most bolt patterns found on buckets. A small number of individual section lengths can be combined and arranged to suit all bucket widths although it comes in 3 length options to accommodate most bucket sizes.


Rubber Cutting Edge’s is distributed by TRS Tyre & Wheel, NZ’s largest importer & distributor of agricultural & industrial tyre and wheel systems.In conjunction with Rubber Cutting Edge, TRS can supply a wide range of large solid tyres designed for use in Waste Transfer and Recycling Yards. TRS offer an onsite technical advisory service coupled with regular performance monitoring of specialist tyres in service.  

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