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MICHELIN moves to increase technology and value to farmers

18 February, 2015

Farmers purchasing Michelin premium agricultural tyres are the winners in an aggressive move recently announced by the NZ distributor of Michelin agricultural Tyres TRS Tyre and Wheel. Under a new pricing structure effective 1 March, the recommended retail price on most Michelin lines has been reduced to meet growing demand for the brand. Already the most popular brand in NZ on new tractors sold in NZ, TRS have been able to leverage this demand and a strong market position in replacement tyre sales to deliver even better value to NZ farmers.

Four key factors contribute to the total cost of ownership (lifetime cost) and should be considered carefully when selecting new tractor tyres:

  1. Initial purchase cost - how does the initial cost compare to other comparable brands?
  2. Durability – how many hours can I reasonably expect from this brand? What does previous experience tell me?
  3. Operating costs – will the tyre deliver operational gains, for example reduced fuel consumption and/or time spent on the job resulting from less wheel slip?
  4. Production outputs – will the tyre contribute to increased crop yields as a result of less soil compaction?

As global leaders in Agricultural tyre technology, Michelin tyres offer a compelling cost of ownership when all factors are considered.  Michelin pioneered Ultraflex technology which allows tyres to work effectively on and off road at less than 1 bar pressure resulting in lower ground pressure and reduced soil compaction.  In some instance users report that Ultraflex technology is the difference between being able to cultivate and being parked up.  Michelin Ultraflex technology is available in Xeobib, Axiobib and Cerexbib ranges.

Other benefits can be found across the Michelin range including the deepest lug depth on some patterns, a larger footprint than competitors on some models and a lug design that delivers more traction throughout the service life than competitors.

“Michelin have long been regarded as the performance choice amongst farmers in NZ and with a revised pricing structure we are confident the combination of competitive initial cost coupled with proven performance advantages cements Michelin’s position as performance and productivity leader” said Andrew Gillam, TRS Sales and Marketing Manager.

TRS, NZ’s largest importer & distributor of agricultural tyre and wheel systems, are the sole authorised distributor of Michelin Agricultural tyres. TRS staff can offer expert advice and the best solutions for the individual requirements of NZ farmers. When it comes to advice, TRS can call on years of extensive product knowledge to ensure you get the correct tyre for the job.
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