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13 July, 2015

Skid Steer service is extremely demanding on tyres. Extra thick sidewalls, chip & tear resistant compounds and rim guard protection are just a few of the special features built into the new BKT Giant Trax range.

The BKT Giant Trax with its extra deep tread and big, sturdy blocks is specially designed for severe scrapyard work, rough concrete surfaces, recycling operations and mines. 

The Giant Trax features rugged, chip-resistant compound for reliable service on hard surfaces and outstanding wear on rocks and dirt. Its sidewalls are reinforced and its tread is extra deep for long life and strong performance on backhoes, skid steers, telehandlers, utility tractors and small loaders.

The BKT Giant Trax has a unique tread pattern that allows it to operate in severe applications while providing superior self-cleaning characteristics. Because of the deep tread depth and solid-to-void ratio, the Giant Trax will provide extraordinary hours of service and reduce downtime due to cuts and punctures. Its flat tread design provides a larger contact area with the ground for better stability and safe working conditions.

“These new Giant Trax will compliment our existing offer of the BKT Skidpower when the application is quite severe and requires a heavier duty tyre” says Andrew Gillam, Sales & Marketing Manager for TRS Tyre & Wheel.

The BKT Skidpower has proven very popular in New Zealand in a range of applications with its extra deep tread and thick sidewalls providing good traction and puncture resistance. The specially designed rim guard ensures greater protection against flats and wheel damage in the rim flange area.

Manufactured in India, BKT has been growing rapidly internationally as one of the world leaders of off-highway tyres. BKT has the widest product range with more than 2000 SKU's (Stock Keeping Units) and is "One Stop Shop" for all off-highway tyre solutions. BKT release around 150 new sizes annually with many of these being incorporated into the New Zealand market and BKT has grown to become the largest selling agricultural tyre brand in NZ.

TRS, NZ’s largest importer & distributor of agricultural & industrial tyre and wheel systems, are the authorised distributor of BKT tyres. TRS offer an extensive product range covering industrial and agricultural applications including the Giant Trax in the common sizes 10-16.5 and 12-16.5. When it comes to advice, TRS can call on years of extensive product knowledge to ensure you get the correct tyre for the job, call now on 0800 336 334
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