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“The Game Changer” - Inauguration in grand style of the modern Bhuj plant, a strong piece on BKT’s chessboard

16 February, 2016

126 hectares of barren desert with a handful of withered and windswept shrubs. No water, no electricity. - This is how the area looked like, where BKT has created in a few years a real showpiece out of nothing thanks to a 500-million-US dollar investment: a self-contained production plant representing the state of the art for both industrial equipment and infrastructures and facilities for employees.

The site is located in Bhuj in the State of Gujarat at a distance of about hundred km from the Pakistani border and 60 km from the Port of Mundra on the Arabian Sea. After the start of construction works in January 2011, an eight-km-long pipeline for drinking water as well as thirteen kms of electricity lines were laid. The first tyre rolled off the production lines in March 2012, even if the entire project will be completed by the end of 2016.

After reaching a daily production of 150 tons – approx. 50% of the maximum production capacity - the BKT Bhuj plant was inaugurated at the beginning of December 2015 in the presence of numerous guests from all over the world. Specific events took place involving on different occasions customers, distributors and partners. During the opening ceremonies, guests had the opportunity to give an admiring glance to the production units provided with modern compound mixers, complex equipment for the production of steel rings and new vulcanising presses even for large tyre sizes. The tyres currently produced in Bhuj include 22 sizes of the Maglift Solid tyre and various measures of Liftmax LM 81 tire, both for forklifts, in addition to Portmax PM 93 for straddle carriers, and the giant Earthmax SR45 Plus tyre for dumpers.

The Bhuj testing track, the one and only in India, has been projected for testing tyre performance and driving comfort on different surfaces from uniform road conditions to rough terrain. Many Indian producers have already applied for using the BKT track for their tests. Close to this facility, the new R&D Centre is being built for research on new polymers and tread compounds. On the other side of the complex, a thermoelectric power plant covers the needs for water vapour and electricity throughout the entire site. Enormous water collection tanks provide water reserves even in droughts.

“The primary resource for the growth and success of any business is its staff,” Mr. Arvind Poddar, Chairman and Managing Director of BKT, states. Over 6 hectares of the Bhuj site – fully in line with this philosophy - a small town for the employees was built including modern flats for 406 families, a mall, a green area, a recreation centre, a medical centre, and a fire station. The fire brigade takes action even in case of emergencies outside the Bhuj plant. In addition, there are 90 rooms for university students who take part in an industry-university cooperation project.

Like all BKT plants, Bhuj has obtained the ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Certificate. As far as production parameters, quality control and environmental regulatory requirements are concerned, BKT adheres to the strictest international standards.

Alluding to the game of chess, Mr. Arvind Poddar illustrated BKT’s philosophy in his inauguration speech as follows: “There is a unique trait that distinguishes a true champion from a mere player: the versatility to adapt his/her strategy to the challenges entailed in each game. One move after the other, BKT has created and reached its objectives. Thanks to the new Bhuj production plant, the company is now ready to change the game acting as the “game changer” on the global chessboard.

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