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New Michelin YieldBib benefits NZ Farmers

20 February, 2016

Michelin has introduced its new YieldBib agricultural tyre for high horse powered tractors and rowcrop machinery. As machinery gets heavier and crops get tougher, Michelin as a company aims to reduce field compaction with help from a wide footprint on its YieldBib radial tyre range.

The YieldBib is an 85 series tyre and is narrower tyre than those commonly fitted to 250+hp tractors when used for crops grown in rows, such as potatoes, carrots and maize. The new tyres can also be fitted to towed sprayers and treatment machinery, providing that the tyre is working within the capacity of its technical specification at all times.  For self-propelled sprayers Michelin offer the Michelin Spraybib with Ultraflex technology in popular sizes.

The YieldBib’s key features include stubble deflecting lugs and an anti-stubble belt in the tread area, specifically designed to extend tyre life by preventing piercing, chipping and gouging from stubble. The 45 degree lug angle also provides better traction and less slippage in all weather conditions; improving fuel economy and helping the farmer to make full use of the machine’s power.

Benefiting from Michelin’s patented Ultraflex Technology, these tyres designed with Very-High Flexion (VF) can carry the same load with up to 40 per cent reduced pressure, compared to standard radial technology tyres. They also limit soil compaction by spreading the tractor’s weight over a larger footprint.

YieldBib tyres are now available in New Zealand from TRS Tyre & Wheel Ltd in VF 420/85 R34 and VF 480/80R50 sizes with  VF 380/85R34 and VF480/80R46 arriving soon. “Farmers these days find themselves under increasing pressure to be as efficient as possible so it’s extremely important to choose the correct tyres for their intended application. The new Michelin YieldBib ensures that row crop farmers receive the best total performance and soil protection possible while extending our offer of narrow tyres,” says Andrew Gillam, Sales & Marketing Manager for TRS.

The YieldBib tyres join an increasing range of Ultraflex Technology tyres covering a wide array of applications, including CerexBib, XeoBib, AxioBib and SprayBib tyres.

The YieldBib 480/80R50 also works as an outer dual wheel option against a 710/70R42 or 650/85R38 inner tyres. The addition of Dual Wheels to a tractor significantly reduces the ground pressure in damp or spongy conditions due to a larger footprint. The result provides less ground compaction and reduced damage to crop and pasture yields. Snaplok Dual Wheel Systems have been manufactured by TRS Tyre & Wheel for over 25 years and are the only Dual wheel systems designed specifically for NZ conditions. TRS can manufacture Dual Wheel Systems to suit all applications and specialist designs are available to maintain the overall width within specific parameters or for specialist applications such as Row Crop.

TRS, NZ’s largest importer & distributor of agricultural tyre and wheel systems, are the sole authorised distributor of Michelin Agricultural tyres. TRS staff can offer expert advice and the best solutions for the individual requirements of NZ farmers. When it comes to advice, TRS can call on years of extensive product knowledge to ensure you get the correct tyre for the job, call now on 0800 336 334
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