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Portmax PM 90, the port handling specialist

6 July, 2016

Tyres play a crucial role in the safety and productivity of port logistics. With the right tyre, machinery can operate at its optimum level guaranteeing the maximum stability in heavy load handling which improves the safety of its personnel.

Balkrishna Industries (BKT) has specifically designed the Portmax PM90 with radial technology for reach stackers in container handling operations in port areas. The flexibility and strength of the radial carcass design of the PM90 provides overall machine stability and excellent load distribution which greatly improves operator safety.

BKT is now a highly regarded tyre brand that operates on many ports both globally and throughout New Zealand continuing to exceed customer expectations. Proven performance and reliability in the 1800-25 SM54 L4S slicks has lead to an increased number of enquiries for the radial option. Radial tyres are lifting performance expectations of most off-road applications with the benefits outweighing the investment, making the cost of ownership less than that of a bias-ply equivalent.

With the multi-layer steel belts and strong all-steel structure, this new radial tyre is incredibly resistant against cuts, abrasions and tears reducing downtime of the machine. The special tyre tread compound provides a longer product life-cycle and makes it possible for users to replace tyres less frequently and reduce the vehicle downtime. The Portmax PM 90 also helps to significantly reduce fuel consumption resulting in lower operating costs and benefits for the environment thanks to its low rolling resistance. With the ability to dissipate heat, the Portmax tyre is well suited to cyclic operations on ports.

The BKT industrial tyre range offers a complete tyre package for ports operations, including the yet to be released in New Zealand, radial Portmax PM93 for straddle carriers. The new Portmax PM93 comes in the size 16.00R25 featuring an all steel radial casing, with multi-layer steel belts, providing strength and high-load capacity and offers the same benefits of radial construction than that of the PM90.

Manufactured in India, BKT has been growing rapidly internationally as one of the world leaders of off-highway tyres. BKT has the widest product range with more than 2000 off-highway tyres to cover almost every possible application. BKT release around 150 new sizes annually with many of these being incorporated into the New Zealand market and BKT has grown to become the largest selling agricultural tyre brand in NZ.

TRS, NZ’s largest importer & distributor of agricultural & industrial tyre and wheel systems, are the authorised distributor of BKT tyres in New Zealand. TRS offer an extensive product range covering industrial and agricultural applications. When it comes to advice, TRS can call on years of extensive product knowledge to ensure you get the correct tyre for the job, call now on 0800 336 334
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