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28 September, 2016

Spraying is a crucial phase in farming and needs to be performed perfectly to achieve optimal results. During operations the soil must be preserved from compaction despite the weight of the equipment. BKT have specifically designed a range of tyres to ensure best performance and profitability specifically for spraying applications.

 Agrimax Spargo is a radial tyre developing a new concept of VF technology. Specifically developed for spraying applications and row crops, it can stand heavier loads while maintaining the same inflation pressure compared to a standard tyre of the same size. This way, it preserves the yield and reduces soil compaction.

This tyre can be used for several purposes, both in the fields and on the road - always ensuring maximum driving comfort as well as excellent stability. Great traction performance and a constant contact with the terrain complete the profile of Agrimax Spargo. Four are the sizes currently available on the market are four: VF 380/85 R 38, VF 380/90 R 46, VF 380/105 R 50 and VF 420/95 R 50.

 In addition to Agrimax Spargo, BKT boasts a complete range of narrow tyres. Not only are these ideal for sprayers, but also for farming vehicles operating amidst row crops, or for grape harvesting in vineyards.

 The first is the Agrimax RT945, whose tyre tread has been specifically designed for soil protection and crop preservation. Its extraordinary self-cleaning capacity facilitates transfers from the fields to the road, while being constantly delicate to the soil. Apart from its talent for spraying operations, this tyre stands out among other “narrow” products for being particularly effective for row crops. This product line comprises seven sizes.

 Then there is the Agrimax RT955, a tyre that is perfect for heavy harvesting machinery, and ideal for row crop applications. This pattern is available in twenty different sizes. Agrimax RT 955 features a special tyre tread and a rounded shoulder. It also ensures extraordinary traction and a constant contact with the terrain.

 To complete the sprayer range, there is the Agrimax RT855 which is suitable for row crops, spraying and grape harvesting. This tyre stands out for its extraordinary driving comfort and traction. Ideal for soil tillage as well as for field and road transport, it’s available in as many as forty-four different sizes.

 “BKT focuses their tyre technology on features that improve crop yields, increase fuel economy and reduce downtime which in turn lead to increased profitability for the farmer”, says Andrew Gillam, sales & marketing manager for TRS Tyre & Wheel.

 Manufactured in India, BKT has been growing rapidly internationally as one of the world leaders of off-highway tyres. BKT has the widest product range with more than 2000 off-highway tyres to cover almost every possible application. BKT release around 150 new sizes annually with many of these being incorporated into the New Zealand market and BKT has grown to become the largest selling agricultural tyre brand in NZ.

 TRS, NZ’s largest importer & distributor of agricultural & industrial tyre and wheel systems, are the authorised distributor of BKT tyres in New Zealand. TRS offer an extensive product range covering industrial and agricultural applications. When it comes to advice, TRS can call on years of extensive product knowledge to ensure you get the correct tyre for the job, call now on 0800 336 334

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