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28 November, 2016

Recent warm, wet spring weather has meant a lot of grass growth in public parks and sports grounds. The exceptional growth is a seasonal issue for open space contractors who rely on the ability to work all day every day, regardless of the weather.

With Spring growth comes increased demand for a specialised solution allowing maximum productivity under often challenging conditions. TRS Tyre & Wheel offer specialist tractor conversions for turf applications.

Mowing with heavy machinery when the ground is soft leads to soil compaction. The soil structure becomes damaged, preventing water drainage and the ability to hold oxygen degrading the quality of the turf. A key solution to reducing the impact of heavy machinery is to spread the weight over a large footprint, reducing pressure on the ground and damage caused by soil compaction. Softfoot tyres from TRS, such as the BKT Flotation 648, are designed for low ground impact and improve flotation while still providing traction. The unique pattern and round shoulder design provide the necessary traction without causing damage to delicate turf particularly on tight turns.

These specialist tyres have the ability to run at very low tyre pressures, as low as 10psi. The pressure on the ground is approximately equivalent to the actual tyre pressure, so it is easy to see a tyre operating with a lower inflation pressure is going to cause a fraction of the damage of one operating at 20psi. The low pressure allows the tyre to follow the ground contour further minimising soil compaction. The flotation properties allow tractors to continue working whatever the weather conditions where conventional tyres would normally be rendered inoperable, reducing downtime.  

“We’ve had a recent spike in demand from contractors looking for a solution so they can operate irrespective of weather conditions, “says Andrew Gillam sales & marketing manager for TRS Tyre & Wheel. “With tractor horsepower commonly 70 to 140, we have been able to develop our solution to meet the needs of this specialist market.”

TRS are the authorised distributor of BKT in New Zealand and the country’s largest importer and distributor of agricultural and industrial tyre and wheel systems. The specialist team at TRS can provide a solution for almost any off-road application. Call now on 0800 336 334
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