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Roadlux truck tyres proving themselves on NZ roads

21 December, 2016

Five years ago, TRS Tyre & Wheel introduced the Roadlux truck tyre range to the New Zealand market, initially introducing 10 lines. The range in the country has now increased to 29 lines with 16 different tread patterns which have been carefully selected to reflect the local road conditions and diverse terrain.

Currently around 180,000 radial truck tyres are sold annually in NZ. Roadlux truck tyres are gaining more traction each year with a growing support from tyre resellers.

“We have seen a growth in the number of our customers using Roadlux truck tyres over the last five years as more have experienced the low running cost per km and the quality of product,“ said Ian Neumann co-owner of Neumanns Tyre Services in Ashburton.

Roadlux tyres are constructed with a full steel body ply and an additional 4 layer all steel crown belt package whereas some competing brands only feature a 2 or 3 belt package. The manufacturing plant for Roadlux was the first all steel radial truck tyre production facility in China and has a long standing history of producing quality mid range tyres. Roadlux differentiates itself from other brands by including low profile tyres in the range instead of just focusing on the standard profile tyres which are easier to produce and more common.

 “Retreading has historically been a cheaper option than purchasing new tyres,” says Andrew Gillam sales and marketing manager for TRS “but we are finding, with the price position and quality of Roadlux, they offer a very cost effective alternative to retreading.”

Roadlux Commercial Truck tyres are distributed in NZ by TRS with a range covering drive, steer and trailer positions across all popular sizes including specialist low profile and wide base sizes popular in NZ. TRS will be exhibiting a sample of Roadlux truck tyres at The Transport & Heavy Equipment Expo at mystery creek in March. The expo is organised to showcase the latest technologies in the transport and heavy equipment sectors.

Roadlux Truck tyres are available from leading tyre retailers throughout NZ, for more information contact TRS directly 0800 336 334
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